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I enjoy guiding people to create lives that express their ideals more happily, authentically, and powerfully. I work with a range of individuals, and have a particular affinity for high achievers and overachievers, socially/ecologically conscious people, and intelligent people who consider themselves “outside the box” in some way.

Dave Wheitner

Dave Wheitner, MS, MA, CLC, BCC

I provide phone-based strategic life, career, and transition coaching. I also conduct indoor and outdoor workshops and presentations, and am available for customized individual and organizational services upon request.

Drawing from a combined background in coaching, counseling, and public policy/ management, I strive to help you recognize and leverage your resources, strengths, and potential. Through the encouraging coaching process, you define and create what’s most important to you, organizing your life and pursuing your ideals in a more integrated and authentic fashion.

What results can I anticipate?

While results vary by person, my clients have experienced a range of exciting changes. Here are some of them:

  • Greater clarity on wants and highest priorities
  • Awareness of purpose and values
  • Identification of fears standing in the way of progress
  • A more manageable current day job, leaving more energy for other pursuits
  • Greater ability to manage political relationships and challenging colleagues in a highly visible leadership position
  • Creation of a support or accountability team
  • Lower stress levels
  • Obtaining a job with a new employer in a different discipline
  • Enhanced networking skills
  • Increased time spent on hobbies and important-but-neglected activities
  • Greater balance between current college studies and long-term career pursuits, while attending a highly competitive academic institution
  • Improved parenting relationship with a teenage foster child
  • Increased sense of possibilities
  • Enhanced self-credit for wins and successes
  • Identification of one’s “best fit” graduate schools, successful acceptance/matriculation, clarification of what they wish to obtain from their education, and proactive generation of strategies to get the most out of the experience

You can find a bit more information under testimonials.

How does it work?

The primary change catalyst is our weekly phone conversations, when we review progress on what’s most important to you, explore barriers, develop any insights, build clarity on what you want, and strategize next steps toward your desired results. You set much of the agenda and pace, trying and learning new things between sessions.

Below is a visual overview of my coaching process (click for a larger version). Please don’t get too bogged down in the details, though–my approach is largely tailored to each person’s unique wants and needs, and is a balance between structure and the flowing nature of life. It is not one-size-fits-all.

Idealist Coach Strategic Process

The Idealist Coach Strategic Process

The most common coaching arrangement is three sessions per month for roughly 45 minutes each session, currently on a $275-$375 USD per month “honor system” sliding scale. Custom arrangements, e.g., for exceptionally busy or high-profile individuals, are available on a limited basis.

Packages include between-session services such as review of assessment exercises and optional brief check-in phone calls/e-mail messages. It also includes an individual password-protected account on my online client support system, which reduces paper clutter, provides helpful features such as appointment reminders, and enables access to your coaching materials whenever and wherever you need them.

I encourage an initial commitment of three months, and you may cancel at any time with a refund of any remaining prepaid sessions minus a $30 administrative fee. I operate on a monthly retainer paid in advance of each month via credit card or check, and I offer discounts for multiple months paid in advance.

Please contact me to set up an introductory strategic life coaching consultation. I look forward to learning more about you!